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The Sleeping Beauty
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

I began making this video during the lockdown Covid 2020 year
for use at home or Primary School.
It was very much enjoyed and am super looking forward to sharing again soon as an updated video !
Thank you Concordia Foundation for your props which inspired 
this project

Narrator - Lucy Mann
Piano - Pinar Celik Warsi
Violin and special effects - Sarah Elizabeth Hudson
Illustrations - Ali Lodge
Fairy wand and book animation - Lesley Scoble
Guest violinists - 'video zooming' from Thailand !

Solo musicians on the piano and violin blend with the music played by a full orchestra

Puppet and  mask making


Opportunities for movement and mime to a scene where Prince Florimund,

his friends and their horses explore the magical forest


Time for quiet reflection to gentle music

What makes you happy ?


It includes 5 short scenes from the ballet which blend with the story and

 offer an introduction to this type of theatre 

The ballet company in this video are based in Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.

Atlanta played an important part in the 1960's Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King Jr. lived here

Do some research with a friend, parent or teacher to find out  more about him 

A Walt Disney Song at the very end inspired by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

'Once Upon a Dream'

Martin Luther King had a dream ........... what is your dream for a better world?

For my other musical activities  

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Home School Music Learning

Music Home Learning for KS1 & KS2 Covid 19 | Teaching Resources (

Garden party in border Final.jpg
11 BORDER (1).jpg

When you have coloured in the nature scene write down a list, or do small drawings of things you can do to help protect the environment.

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