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Orpheus and Eurydice

A Key Stage 2 musical based on the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

Music, orchestrations and lyrics by

Sarah E. Hudson

Script by

Megan Leed Williams

This delightful musical is an ideal production for schools. The script is clear and straight forward with some lovely touches of humour and the music is lively and pleasant to listen to. The variety of scenes lends itself to some stunning dramatic effects and one of the greatest advantages is that the cast can be as big as you like. From its first performance Orpheus was a tremendous success and people were humming the tunes for a long time afterwards. Altogether a most exciting and memorable production! 

Mary Hammond, Head of Juniors, Dunottar School, Reigate


Photographs from
St. Mary's School, Hampstead
Photographs from
Dunottar School,
Have you heard our Music Man?
I have lived a dream
Song and Dance Numbers

Instrumental introduction


Have you heard our Music man?  Song and Dance


I am the tiger, we are the beasts - Song and Dance


Softly breeezes from the forest - Song and Dance


I have lived a dream - Song


Orpheus he fell in love - Song


Wedding - Dance


Eurydice and the snake - Dance


Look past the horizon - Song


Far beyond the stars and the moonlight - Song


Cerebus the three headed dog - Dance


Journey to the Underworld - Dance


Things aren't what they seem - Song and Dance


Ghost of Euryidice - Ballet


How can I trust you? Song


Return through the underworld - Dance


Back to the sunlit world - Song


Please contact
for a copy of score /script
and performance licence
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